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one person you may be the world

Our Mission and Values

Our Mission and Values are built on 3 pillars:  Guidance, Education, and Advocacy.

  •  Guidance  Midsouth Aging Consultant aims to guide our clients through the complex issues of aging in a professional and unbiased manner, so that they can make the best informed decisions possible.

  •  Education  Midsouth Aging Consultant seeks to educate seniors, professionals, and the public at large on topics pertinent to aging in order to increase awareness of health and wellness, Alzheimer's and dementia, financial wellness, safety, end-of-life issues, and more.

  •  Advocacy  Midsouth Aging Consultant intends to be a strong advocate for age-friendly and dementia-inclusive communities through guidance and  education of private and public entities about issues that affect seniors and their caregivers.

Commitment to Education

Staff In-Service Training Topics

Midsouth Aging Consultant is also happy to provide staff in-service and Quality Improvement Programs on several topics related to senior care, including:

  • Recognizing Signs of Dementia and Effective Communication Techniques (also available specifically for law enforcement and first responders)

  • Recognizing Signs of Elder Abuse & Exploitation (also available specifically for law enforcement and first responders)

  • Mitigating Falls (also available specifically for law enforcement and first responders)

  • Incontinence Care & Skin Integrity

  • Older Adult Oral Health

  • Sexuality in Seniors

  • Retaining Dignity & Independence in Later Life

  • Experiencing Grief in the Workplace

  • The 4M's Framework Guide to Increasing Seniors' Quality of Life


New! Interactive Educational Bingo Games!

These games provide a fun way to learn about health topics for seniors! Each live, in-person led session comes with special bingo cards, tools for participants to use, handouts, healthy snacks, and prizes.

  • Healthy Habits Bingo TM  - Focuses on nutrition, exercise, and chronic disease management

  • Musical Memories Bingo TM - Focuses on maintaining your brain and good brain health

  • No More Falls Bingo TM- Focuses on fall prevention

Speaker Series

Midsouth Aging Consultant is available to speak to your group about a variety of subjects including, but not limited to:

  • End-of-Life Planning, Advanced Directives, and The Five Wishes

  • Roadmap to Successful Retirement: 4 Part Series

  • Dementia 101 and Effective  Communication Techniques

  • The ABC's of Medicare 

  • A Consumer's Guide to Funeral Preplanning 

  • Is It Dementia or Just "Senior Moments"?

  • Boost Your Budget

  • Just Say NO to Scams & Fraud

  • Staying on Your Feet:  A Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Fall Prevention

  • 2 Dirty "F" Words- Fires and Food Poisoning

  • Are You Managing Your Meds or Are They Managing You?

  • Mind Over Bladder:  A Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Incontinence

  • Coming to Our Senses: Physical Changes in Aging Change How We Experience the World

  • Caring for Those Who Care

  • Clear the Clutter! Rightsizing & Organizing

  • What is Social Isolation and How Can We Avoid It?

  • Choices in Caring for an Older Loved One


For Professionals:

  • Mind, Body & Spirit: Holistic Wellness Programming for Seniors

  • The 4 D's- Dementia, Delirium, Depression & Delusions

  • Core Competencies for Complex Care

  • The Social Determinants of Health 101

  • Introduction to the 4 M's Framework: An Age-Friendly Healthcare Initiative

  • Helping the Helpers: Toolkits for Supporting Caregivers of Dementia Patients 

  • Creating Age-Friendly Public Spaces

  • Is Your Business Prepared for the Silver Tsunami?

  • A Holistic Approach to Workforce Stabilization






Meet the Owner

Krist​en Miller

​Owner/ Aging Consultant

Kristen is a 2003 graduate of Tennessee Tech University with a bachelor's degree in Sociology. She began her social work journey with the State of Tennessee Department of Children's Services. In 2008 she transitioned from children and families to seniors when she became a Service Coordinator for the Diocese of Memphis Housing Corporation. Since then she has worked in assisted living and Alzheimer's and dementia care, as well as in the funeral industry. She is a Professional Service Coordinator, a Certified Dementia Practitioner, a Certified End-of-Life Planning Facilitator, and a trained Medicare/Medicaid counselor. She has an extensive local network through her affiliation with the Professional Network on Aging, serves as a volunteer community educator for the Alzheimer's Association, is a statewide partner for Dementia Friends USA, and serves her community through the Germantown Chamber of Commerce.

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